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Tri-glide buckles (also known as triglide slides or plastic slides) are plastic-slide buckle-strap adjusters that are ideal for lightweight applications and outdoor uses

For more information about our tri-glide plastic strap buckles, please click on the red technical specs tab above

NOTICE 11-30-12 A few of our plastic slides have had a name change so be aware If you ordered our, 1 Extra Wide Mouth, in the past it is now our, 1 Wide Mouth

Specs remain the same

Specs remain the same If you ordered our, 1 Wide Mouth Thin Bar, in the past it is now our, 1 Thin Bar

Specs remain the same If you ordered our, 3/4 Wide Mouth Thin Bar, in the past it is now our, 3/4 Thin Bar

with new Tech Specs If you ordered our, 1 1/4 Extra Wide Mouth, in the past it is now our, 1 1/4 Wide Mouth

For instance, plastic is both lighter than metal and rot/rust resistant, which metal is not

Here at Strapworks, we proudly carry a wide range of tri-glide plastic slide buckles to fit strap needs large and small

Learn more about the advantages of choosing plastic for strap hardware below, and order your tri-glide slides here at Strapworks today! The Plastic Advantage When choosing your strap hardware, it's always important to keep material in mind

Most of our sizes available in white as well as black and range from - inch to 3 inches

Plus, plastic is typically more affordable than metal, making it a great choice for strap buyers on a budget

This makes plastic strap hardware the superior choice for outdoor applications where weight is at a premium and exposure to the elements is a certainty

Used in conjunction with side release buckles, they allow for a fairly large range of sizes in collars, fanny pack belts and a number of other items

We also carry 1-inch black slides in wide-mouth thin-bar, wide mouth and extra-wide mouth sizes for different strap dimensions

While metal is commonly used for strap buckles and rings, plastic has a unique set of advantages that make it great choice for certain uses

You would use these if you are working with a thicker material or if you are running your material through the strap slides more than once