Dwyer Adps-06-2-N, Adps Differential Pressure Switch

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Dwyer, ADPS-06-2-N, Series ADPS Differential Pressure Switch, 2.00-10.00" w.c., M20 With Dual Scale Field Adjustable Set Point Knob The Series ADPS/EDPS Adjustable Differential Pressure Switch is designed for pressure, vacuum, and differential pressures

20 Pa up to 20 in w.c

5000 Pa

Approvals CE Approval RoHS

Controlling air and fire-protection dampers

Frost protection for heat exchanges

Monitoring flows in ventilation ducts

Monitoring industrial cooling-air circuits

Overheating protection for fan heaters

Product Applications Monitoring air filters and ventilators

Series EDPS models meet UL508 and are constructed of plenum rated plastics

The ADPS/EDPS is available with settings from 0.08 in w.c

The compact size, adjustment knob and low cost make the ADPS/EDPS the perfect choice for HVAC applications

The dual scaled adjustment knob in inches water column and pascals allows changes to the switching pressure to be made without a pressure gage

The silicone diaphragm and PA 6.6 body make the series ADPS ideal for use with air and other noncombustible gases